We want to focus on the exploration of extraterrestrial resources and provide economically usable data to forward-thinking space mining companies.

Mankind’s demand for raw materials is ever increasing, at the same time, exploration and extraction are becoming more and more complicated. Recycling raw materials can only counteract the shortage to a limited extent. New sources of raw materials are needed, which leads to a lot of interest in methods whose environmental damage can hardly be estimated (e.g. deep-sea mining).  Processes with high ecological risks will nevertheless be used in the future to provide the required raw materials.


We wonder why we don’t take a look into our solar system instead?


Many of the raw materials we need can be found on or in other celestial bodies, e.g. asteroids. Unfortunately there are some obstacles. First, space mining is not profitable. Second, the mining techniques are not developed enough - many systems require complicated maneuvers which are not easy to implement. Third, there are also legal hurdles – raw materials can’t simply be extracted everywhere.


We can’t influence the legal situation but we can work on developing methods for satellite-based exploration and classification of asteroids to minimize the risk of catching an asteroid with low mining qualities. Furthermore, only prior satellite-based exploration allows effective planning of the future mining mission.


If asteroid mining is to be possible in the future, it first requires a pre-selection of the objects by remote sensing methods. Following this, these objects have to be explored by satellite. We need to know where the main part of the previously found raw materials is located in the asteroid. Is it evenly distributed in the regolith of the surface or is the main part located in a certain depth? This is the main factor for the mining strategy. The industry needs a robust exploration of as many asteroids as possible as well as a classification of these objects.


We want to achieve a clearer division in the space mining sector between exploration, mining and transportation of extraterrestrial raw materials. One company can’t do everything at the same time but together a new industry can be created.



Let's exploit this planet a little less.